Dominic Brittain – Cognitive Bias Solutions

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Dominic Brittain - Cognitive Bias Solutions
10-minutes speaker Dominic Brittain – Cognitive Bias Solutions

Understanding cognitive biases

Humans are very adept at judging character in leaders, and character is made up of personality and experiences. We know that personality usually does not change much after the age of 25, but new experiences happen every day. These affect your character, which then drives your behaviours – in other words you become what you have done, and you do what you have become. This is the ‘Do-Be-Do-Be-Do’ loop. The Pathways Model expands the loop to look at what happens between character and behaviour, and it shows the key role of cognitive biases in this process.

Cognitive Bias Solutions is a company that helps leaders in business measure their cognitive biases, understand them and then mitigate their effects. Mitigating cognitive biases leads to better behaviours, which produce a character more suited for business leadership in a transparent and fast changing world.

The ‘Do-Be-Do-Be-Do’ loop

Dominic Brittain - Cognitive Bias Solutions - Do-Be-Do-Be-Do Loop


The Pathways Model

Dominic Brittain - Cognitive Bias Solutions - Pathways model

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