Become a member of Network Dorset

Hi and welcome to the membership page of Network Dorset. We are a local networking group of like-minded, professional business people that meet on a weekly basic and bring in leads, contacts and contracts for other members.

Before contacting us with regards to membership, please check our members page to make sure your category isn’t taken. If it is, we are very sorry but we only accept one business from each category in order to offer a fair and professional service to our existing members.

If you are unsure, or if you think your niche is somewhat different to a category already taken, please get in touch to discuss. Worst case, we can put you on a waiting list should that person with your category decide to leave Network Dorset.

If your category is available and you would like to either join or come along to a breakfast to see how we operate, please get in touch with one of the team leaders.

Join Network Dorset

Membership Benefits

  • Regular networking meeting with local business owners
  • Improved networking skills
  • Doing business in a friendly forum
  • Receive qualified referrals instead of leads

What you didn’t think you would get

  • Real friends with similar interests
  • A great social life
  • Increased self confidence
  • Improved presentation skills

Once you become a member of Network Dorset, you are immediately eligible to attend our weekly meetings at the Engine Room Café, Dorchester. Should you be unable to attend one week, you are welcome to send along a colleague or friend in your place to ensure you are represented and that you don’t miss your one minute slot.

We hope that you will soon see after just a few meetings, the huge benefits of being part of such a dynamic group. Some members describe the feeling of receiving one, two or more BOS slips (business opportunity slips) during a meeting as like having a “business birthday”.

You will also be eligible to host an extended 10 minute slot where you can expand upon your one minute talk and give a more in-depth insight into you and your business. We find this is invaluable for other members to gain knowledge and trust whilst making it easier for them to recommend you to their networks.

When you see our current statistics, we think you will agree that joining is a “no brainer” in that you should recoup your membership and breakfast fees in no time.