Business Networking for hard working professionals

Network Dorset was established in early 2013 and since our inception, we have gone from strength to strength.

We put this down to the quality, integrity and calibre of members that we have attracted from varying and diverse businesses across Dorset. With businesses ranging from accountants to web design and from office supplies to clay pigeon shooting already on board… we are growing fast and intend to reach maximum capacity very soon.

Our group was born out of the need for a professional networking group in Dorset that combined excellent business practice with a laid back and a no-pressure environment.

What we do

The purpose of our group is to pass business opportunities (Bos) to each other through our own networking efforts or those of our peers, families, associates and clients. Of course this can only be done by establishing trust and respect from others in the group which we do in a unique way.

We meet once a week for breakfast where we have a structured, but not stuffy, meeting that allows each member to “pitch” his or her business and particular needs for that week. We do this through a 60 second talk where you get the chance to not only pitch your business or service but also to improve your public speaking skills. Don’t worry though, it’s not as hard as it seems as we are a friendly bunch and even have a couple of public speaking coaches at hand to help out.

Each week, we also have a 10 minute speaking slot which allows members to build upon their one minute talk and give a full presentation of their business. We have laptops and projectors on hand for those wanting to add a multimedia aspect to their talk.

Our success

Since our group was established, we have gone from strength to strength and this is backed up by our statistics. When averaged out, each member benefits from business being passed at each weekly meeting. Not only that, but the new people you meet and business contacts you make can propel your business to a whole new level in no time at all… just ask some of our existing members. However, our success is only possible through the continuing efforts of each and every member and our well established structure so regular attendance is appreciated (but occasional absence is not frowned upon like in some other networking groups).


Everyone is equal at Network Dorset and we have a successful, democratic approach. There are no owners or managers but we do need structure so we elect (the most qualified for that role) members into certain administrative positions that keep the group running in an efficient and professional manner. Any decisions that affect Network Dorset or its members are made by the group as a whole by a voting process. The aim is to make each member feel they are not only a part of the group but an integral cog that ensures its continued success.

All work and no play…

Where we feel we are unique and differ from other business networking groups is the fact that we promote the social side of the group as well as the business network. The fact that most members hang around for an hour or more after each meeting is testament that it works.

As we are a not-for-profit group, the annual fees received from members go towards expanding the group and any funds left over are, on occasion, used to subsidise social functions.

Not only does the social aspect give members a chance to get to know each other better, it also allows them to invite clients or potential Network Dorset members to the function in the hope of doing more business.